• Visions Gallery

    Photography Exhibition
    Visions Gallery
    Exhibition: March 26 - June 5, 2015
    Reception: March 26, 5 - 7:30 pm (Refreshments and Parking are provided)
    With recent changes in diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, we find ourselves in a transitional period. What will the future look like? Will the contradictions of incredible beauty and harsh impoverishment, political failure and boundless potential remain, and will Cuba remain the near-mythical island it is today? The work in this show comes from photographers who share a love for the island, who have participated in crafting a record of its visual history, and through their work suggest that a sense of transition in Cuba has been ever present.  
  • Gallery 27

    Exhibition: October 1, 2015 - November 1, 2015 Reception: October 1, 5-8pm
    Through the course of a life individuals acquire habits and skills from both familial and societal influences that often become indistinguishable from those that are instinctual. In Second Nature the graduating artists of Brooks Institute’s Master of Fine Arts in Photography program exhibit work that explores the boundaries of learned responses and instinctual behaviors, inviting a dialog surrounding their reactions to current cultural, socio-political, and environmental choices. This complex relationship is portrayed through a multi-sensory experience with the use of large-scale installations, traditional photographic processes, and alternative digital media, among others. These artists offer the viewer alternative perspectives on what has become second nature in their own lives.   The opening reception for this exhibition will not only celebrate our students’ accomplishments but also marks Brooks Institute’s 70th year of educating photographers, filmmakers, artists and designers. Although this exhibition will conclude Gallery 27’s long-standing commitment to the arts community in Santa Barbara, Brooks Institute will continue to engage in creative conversation within the arts community of Southern California and beyond.